Iam sure that most of you are tired of hearing about the iPhone. I know I am. TechMeme should change its name for today to iPhoneMeme to reflect the news of the day. You probably do not want to hear anything else about the iPhone. Well, I had a few spare moments and decided instead of waiting for the iPhone hype to die down, I am going to list the reasons I am not getting an iPhone.

  1. My hands shake, a lot. Anyone who has shaky hands really can not use a touch screen. It is really funny to watch.
  2. I have dry skin, so I use hand lotion. This may sound odd, until you see the effects of lotions on a touch screen. It is rather disgusting.
  3. I am a geek, and keystrokes are my friend. I tend to remember the menu structure or keyboard shortcuts. iPhones tend to render that a useless skill.
  4. What about the camera and video? If I am getting something as pretty as an iPhone, I want a good camera and decent video capabilities.
  5. Even with Exchange integration, the iPhone will not be supported at my place of employment. It should take a while for corporations to determine that iPhone access is beneficial.
  6. I am not an Apple fanboy.
  7. As many people have pointed out, the plans from ATT are rather expensive. I am not doing an official comparison, but I have a BlackBerry on a family plan with ATT. Getting an iPhone would increase my monthly payments.

In the end, I could get an iPhone if the deal is right. Most likely, I will be getting another BlackBerry for my hip.