In case you have not noticed, this is the official blog of YackTrack. It has been a few weeks, so it is time for another update from YackTrack. We have added TypePad/MoveableType blog support assuming that the comment feed is in the default location. This gives us some support for the three major blog platforms! We have also added support for IntenseDebate, so if you are a reader, you can follow the conversation from as well. Disqus support improved some thanks to their team, though we still assume your forum is basically the same as your domain. A few defects that were found by our users were corrected, and some general cleanup was finished as well. The Help page has been updated to better reflect the current state of YackTrack as well.

RSS Feeds and APIs

Yes, that is right, YackTrack now has RSS feeds! Given the type of content YackTrack deals with, the feeds are standard RSS 2.0 but may not be in the best format. The standard RSS format lists each comment from each supported service as an RSS item. This format is not so useful for parsing information, but it should be fine for an RSS reader. You will notice that when you run a query for a URL or a keyword, you now see a subscribe link as the first result.

YackTrack Subscribe RSS

Given that a normal RSS feed is not very useful for a developer, there is a different, extended RSS format for the YackTrack API. So, if you are a developer, you can take a look at the YackTrack API Description to get a better idea of what data is being provided. On the same page you will see that there is also a JSON API! For developers, the JSON API is probably the most obvious, and is very straightforward as well. Given that this is the first version of the API, the only “real” call is a query that replicates the standard URL and keyword searches.

As usual, please let me know of any feedback or questions you may have, just email feedback at Also, a YackTrack FriendFeed room has been created to share ideas feedback and stories. I hope you enjoy the new feeds!