Recently, there was a guest post on Problogger regarding whether blogs have killed conventional websites. Thankfully, the answer is a simple no. Blogs have filled the space of simple personal expression that was so difficult in the early stages of the web. Most people do not know HTML, nor do they care to learn about how to set up a website. Corporations and other major entities will always have a website of some sort. Even some blogs are evolving into websites by adding forums and job boards. Blogging has really just become a platform for distribution. If you look at WordPress, it is almost an entire content management system. There are plugins for job boards, forums, twitter followers and whatever else you want to display. So, you can see that blogging has not killed websites, blog platforms have evolved into simple website builders.

The main reason I write about this topic is because Copyblogger has announced that the end of Copyblogger may be coming (UPDATE: If you read the comments, Brian of Copyblogger has stated that Copyblogger is not ending). Of course, he blames Twitter. I found this interesting because of the post from Problogger discussed above, and the more humorous and true rendition of Robert Scoble over at Joy Of Tech. All of these links have something in common, newer technology is replacing old technology. The Scoble comic is relevant because of his recent love of all things Twitter as well as his highly publicized movements in the social networking world. Scoble has a very popular blog (Scobleizer), but the comic had him wanting to twitter the experience. Now, the question becomes is Twitter, or microblogging, killing blogs?

Again, the simple answer is no. Admittedly, I have not gotten into the microblogging craze. At this point, I do not have the time so I cannot honestly say I know enough about what microblogging feels like. I say it this way because Copyblogger said, that he now “gets” Twitter. I can honestly say that I do not “get” it yet. In any case, I also do not think that microblogging will kill blogs either. Microblogging is for a certain type of person, someone who feels they need to get information out as quickly as they think of it. They like the fact that people want to know everything. Blogs have a much more personal feel. Blogs have their own designs and possibly their own community of commentators. Blogs are for people who want to write something that either requires thought or cannot be said in two or three sentences. Granted, I am making some sweeping generalizations, but that is because this is my blog, with my opinion.

Could I have said all this with Twitter? Yes, but the thoughts would have been disjointed and somewhat incoherent because I have edited this post for a while. So, all this being said, I think “full” websites and blogs and microblogs will have to find a way to live in harmony for quite some time. And, let us all hope that Copyblogger does not quit blogging.

UPDATE: Given that Brian of Copyblogger has already commented that he is not ending Copyblogger. Before anyone starts thinking I was using his comment as a serious announcement, let me say I was taking his comment as a general trend. Many high profile bloggers are using Twitter, and my commentary is only meant to be about that trend. I apologize if I caused any confusion.